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This journal is mostly Friends Only. Non-personal entries are open for anyone to read.
snowfall kitten
21 September 2007 @ 02:35 pm
Those of you who are interested in my opinions, check out my blog Life Before Death.

Those of you who are interested in me as a person, find me on Facebook.

(Subject's a reference to BSG.)
snowfall kitten
01 July 2006 @ 07:22 pm
I'm home from my vacation and will be posting again soon. My thoughts on the Atheist Alliance International conference in Iceland will appear on the Brights forums shortly (hopefully), and then I'll get to work on summarising my America Experience (which will be friends-locked). At the moment, I'm mostly trying not to cough my lungs up.

Meanwhile, please check out Clone.Manga. The humouristic strips are some of the most offensive ones I've ever seen and obviously morbidly fascinating just because of that - just look at the story of poor Nana. However, the more serious work (Kanami, Penny Tribute, Paper Eleven) is beautifully drawn and the stories are fascinating, if violent.

The thing that makes me want to draw attention to the page at this moment is the author's ending two of the "humorous" series with a joke about 9-11. Predictably he got a load of hate mail as a reward, and his open response to that (just scroll beneath the top image) is absolutely wonderful. The hate mail he received for joking about 9-11 is symptomatic of much the same hypocrisy that makes me fret every time a natural catastrophy happens. Essentially, people seem to put various bad things on a scale of how upsetting they are, and this scale is in no way related to how horrible the events ACTUALLY are.

Just like people care more for the tsunami and Katrina victims than the people who die daily from starvation and AIDS, they are more likely to be offended if you joke about 9-11 than infanticide or the holocaust. And THAT offends ME.
snowfall kitten
25 May 2006 @ 11:52 pm
Today was ascension day, a national holiday in secular Sweden. I took the liberty to celebrate a different fictional event. Thanks willocwen for the icon.

In memory of the revolution!

All the little angels ascend up to Heaven
All the little angels ascend up on high
Which end up?
Ascend up
Which end up?
Ascend up
All the little angels ascend up on high.
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snowfall kitten
13 May 2006 @ 02:53 pm
I wrote this a couple of months ago as part of a university course in Ethology. I have been meaning to post it ever since, however first I wanted to make a few revisions. There are some major problems with the essay that I had been meaning to fix before posting it here, but I simply haven't had the time. So here it is, largely unedited (albeit with a few changes that my teacher, who judged the essay "well written and scientifically mature", haven't seen). I have written a short glossary of terms at the end for the benefit of those with no education or special interest in biology. It's rather brief and incomplete though so feel free to ask about anything that's unclear.

snowfall kitten
26 April 2006 @ 07:17 pm
FluffyCollapse )

Aren't they cute? Yes, yes they are. And looking at them now that they are mostly grown up, tweeting along witht their six or so younger siblings of various sizes and patterns, my father and I marvelled at the wonder of nature: Just a few weeks ago, we had been shining a flashlight through the eggs to determine whether they were fertilised. We had seen the embryos' dark shadows and the networks of blood vessels.

This is why I study biology.
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